Gender dysphoria: puberty blockers and loss of bone mineral density

04-12-2019 – Grant Ferguson, Peter Simm, Michele O’Connell, Ken C Pang

Cohen and Barnes clearly articulate the ongoing debate on the effects of puberty blockers (gonadotrophin releasing hormone (Gn
RH) agonists) on bone mineral density in trans and gender diverse young…

Gender dysphoria: a question of informed consent

04-12-2019 – Julie Maxwell, Katherine Clyde, Lucy Griffin

We welcome discussion around the treatment of children with gender dysphoria, particularly the concerns that have been raised regarding the puberty blockers study.1 Although the Health Research…

UK must act to reduce harm from drug misuse

04-12-2019 – Maggie Rae

Two House of Commons select committees have recently produced reports on problematic drug use and drug related deaths.12 The Health and Social Care Committee (HSCC) and the Scottish Affairs Committee…

Gender dysphoria: scientific oversight falling between responsible institutions should worry us all

04-12-2019 – Richard Byng, Susan Bewley

The troubles around the Gender Identity Development Service’s study12 seem to be symptomatic of our wider collective failure to determine whether, and when, we should prescribe puberty blockers, or…

Engaging with GMC process reduces severity of sanctions, study suggests

04-12-2019 – Clare Dyer

Doctors’ age, race, sex, or country of qualification play no role in deciding the seriousness of penalties imposed by medical practitioner tribunals, a study commissioned by the General Medical…

High levels of bad cholesterol in early middle age are linked to CVD risk decades later, study finds

04-12-2019 – Nigel Hawkes

Taking action to reduce “bad” cholesterol much earlier in life could prevent many cardiovascular events, a long term study has suggested.
Few people under 45 know their cholesterol levels, but the…