Clinical trial reporting: compliance with US rules is poor and not improving, study finds

17-01-2020 – Jacqui Wise

Only 41% of clinical trials reported their results to the US clinical trials registry within a year of completion as required by law, a study has found. Researchers from Oxford University, UK, who…

Doctors say they were bullied by managers trying to identify whistleblower

17-01-2020 – Clare Dyer

A hospital trust fingerprinted staff and asked for samples of their handwriting after the family of a woman who died following surgery received an anonymous letter highlighting mistakes in her…

BMA calls for special conference after rejecting GP contract over unrealistic demands

17-01-2020 – Elisabeth Mahase

GP leaders have rejected an updated contract from NHS England and condemned the work that primary care networks (PCNs) are expected to deliver over the next four years.
The details of the proposed…

India’s medical community rallies to help protestors inȷured in police violence

17-01-2020 – Anoo Bhuyan

On the cold night of 20 December, lawyers, doctors, journalists, and worried families gathered outside a police station in central Delhi. Local police had beaten protestors gathered in the largely…

Failure to challenge discriminatory behaviour is complicity

17-01-2020 – Jessica Potter

Like other female doctors, I have long been accustomed to the assumption that I am a nurse. But I am frequently disappointed by the silence of male witnesses to these everyday acts of sexism.1 On a…

Developing your career in obstetrics and gynaecology

17-01-2020 – Jacqui Wise

A career in obstetrics and gynaecology can be stimulating and rewarding. The specialty is wide ranging and there are opportunities to pursue different career paths depending on your interests and…