NICE updates antidepressant guidelines to reflect severity and length of withdrawal symptoms

18-10-2019 – Gareth Iacobucci

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence has amended its guidelines1 on depression to recognise the severity and length of antidepressant withdrawal symptoms.
The guidance on treating…

Fewer people are attending NHS health checks, show figures

18-10-2019 – Gareth Iacobucci

The proportion of eligible patients in England attending an NHS health check is at its lowest in six years, new data show.1In 2017-18 two fifths (41% or 1 108 841) of eligible people attended an NHS…

Christopher Dobson: chemist whose work on proteins advanced research into neurodegenerative diseases

18-10-2019 – Rebecca Wallersteiner

St John’s College, Cambridge
Christopher Dobson, master of St John’s College, Cambridge, whose work on proteins advanced research into diseases such as Parkinson’s and…

Millions of people are still missing out on TB treatment, says WHO

18-10-2019 – Elisabeth Mahase

A record seven million people around the world were treated for tuberculosis (TB) in 2018, up from 6.4 million in 2017, the World Health Organization says in its annual report on the disease.1As 10…

FGM: surgeons who do cosmetic genital surgery may risk prosecution

18-10-2019 – Clare Dyer

Surgeons who perform cosmetic genital operations such as labiaplasty should take steps to ensure that they are not risking prosecution for female genital mutilation, in the light of new guidance from…

Authors’ reply to Jones, Peel, and English

18-10-2019 – Christine Haseler, Ranulf Crooke, Tobias Haseler

We thank Jones, Peel, and English for their comments on our Practice Pointer on promoting physical activity to patients.1234We agree that the effect of physician influence is only moderate at best,…